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Romance and vampire fans will love this story….

After 300 years of running from the vampire who created her, Kira finds solace, aide, and love in the arms of a human…but, for how long?

Running from the vampire that made her, Kira gets aid from a magical friend by being placed in a magical coma for 300 years. When it’s time to retrieve her from her hiding place, the witch solicits the aid of a few men on a hunting trip. Sparks fly and love is in the air the minute one of the men sets eyes on her. With the evil vampire still searching for her, will he be able to keep her safe? 

Filled with exciting action and thrills, Emergence is a story that will keep you listening right up to the end!

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  1. M Phelps

    I really liked this book. I will say as it does bother some people that there isn’t cheating technically but you get my meaning. I was happy how all of it turned out. Cat Baroco did a great job. I hope there is a look into the future more for them or that Agatha’s story is told.

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