Toast With Jelly



There comes a time in some people’s lives when they feel like actors playing a role for which someone has changed the story line.

Toast with Jelly is a powerful story of a woman coming to know herself through a series of tragic life events.

A Wild Ride…

Pam has had a childhood that most people wouldn’t recover from. Nonetheless, she’s trying to make a life for herself, with a job and a beautiful Russian lover. When she takes up the offer of high paid escort work, the life she worked to build starts falling apart. As she tumbles from one problem to the next, who will save her? Her mother, who caused all the trauma? Her sensual, hard-drinking lover, who is off the rails? Or the handsome martial arts teacher she may be falling for?

If you do not shy from raw and bleak facets of life, if you are accepting of the “alternative” lifestyles, and if a happy ending is not a requirement for you to enjoy a book, pick up E. F. Sheehan’s Toast With Jelly and get ready for an emotional, dramatic, and profoundly genuine book.


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