Dominated By Her Kidnappers

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Domination is the name of the game in this groupsex dubcon anthology! These horny virile men are in the mood for some hot sexy fun, and they’ll do anything to get what they want! Watch them kidnap and seduce innocent teenage girls, taking them hard and unprotected in every hole…making them want to be ravished again and again and again! 

Hang on tight, because this sizzling three-book anthology will leave you reeling! 

Book 1: Corrupted by her Kidnappers 

When gorgeous, sexy Shauna Vanderbraun flies down to Mexico to celebrate her 18th birthday, she’s kidnapped by brigands who believe they’re the last direct descendants of a long-extinct Incan tribe. Will she be taken hard and unprotected on a sacrificial altar by these five horny, virile men? Can she manage to escape being ravaged in their mind-blowing gangbang? Or will she even want to try? 

Book 2: Ravished by her Kidnappers 

Gemini is a homeless teenager trying to survive on the fringes. When all her possessions are stolen, she accepts a meal from three handsome strangers…and all hell breaks loose. In no time at all, she finds herself in the middle of a sizzling no-holds-barred group orgy. Will she lose more than just her innocence as they pound her repeatedly, hard, and unprotected, in every hole? 

Book 3: Betrayed by her Kidnappers 

Stacy and Josh thought they were going to have a wonderful weekend when they rented a remote cabin way out in the woods. They never expected to meet three muscular studs with a taste for innocent teen girls! Now their wildest dreams are about to come true as all three horny studs…and Josh…take Stacy hard, fast, and without any protection!

1 review for Dominated By Her Kidnappers

  1. Thais Dematte

    I struggle to finished this, but I think it’s me not the book. the writing didn’t appeal to me, too much poetry. All the girls were drugged and compliant, there is not a single struggle in this short stories, they were virgins who drank aphrodisiac and turned into some sex goddess (yeah, they didn’t know they were saying “cum” and not “come” but still suck a cock like a pro). Qll the girls are given the most pleasure of their life and wanted more. No struggle, no sense of wrongness, nothing. I like my kidnappings stories a little bit more rough and close to reality. The narrator is new to me. His voice is suiting, sexy e deep. He could differentiate the characters easy enough, the pace was perfect and I could understand everything he says (not english native).

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