Devil’s Gate: The Complete Trilogy

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The Devil’s Gate trilogy, a sexy reverse harem paranormal romance series features a kick-ass heroine plus a brooding vampire, an alpha wolf, and a cunning faerie you won’t have to choose between.


An ancient dark power. Three species at war. A witch to unite them all.

Life in Devil’s Gate is hell on earth. With no Regent to maintain order between the species, humans live in fear of what lurks in the shadows while the vampires, wolves, and fae that inhabit Devil’s Gate battle for territory and power.

And 19-year-old Estelle Cotillard is caught up in the middle.

Harboring a dark secret, Estelle tries to stay out of trouble, but when vampire Gage Coreil starts showing up insisting she needs protection, she has to decide: stay in the shadows or become who she was always supposed to be.


Unify the species. End the war. Defeat the dark power.

After learning the truth about her destiny, Celeste La Fleur has to trust her companions Laken and Lucas to help her rescue Gage from the vampire who wants to reign terror over Devil’s Gate.

But Dahlia Dubron isn’t the only one who wants to hurt Celeste.

With her list of enemies growing, tensions rising, and emotions spiralling out of control, Celeste finally embraces her responsibilities while trying to avoid losing herself in the process.


Wolf. Vampire. Faerie…. Vessel.

Celeste is finally ready to embrace her destiny but when you’ve captured the heart of a wolf, vampire, and faerie, nothing is simple.

With threats around every corner and Dahlia’s vampire army amassing, Celeste knows time is running out. But can she figure out how end the cycle of blood, death, and sacrifice once and for all?

Or will Devil’s Gate become lost to the darkness forever?

2 reviews for Devil’s Gate: The Complete Trilogy

  1. Maria Fernanda G Lechuga

    I love PNR specially when it’s well written, and this trilogy is, plus is narrated by Sarah Puckett!!!
    . The world building, the characters, and the different species were really great.
    This was my first RH and I truly enjoyed it,  sexy, awesome “men” and all being from different species really had its appeal.
    Celeste was great, I like that she’s strong and how she embraces her destiny so bravely.

    Sarah Puckett did truly amazing narrating this trilogy. She was perfect for Celeste, and I liked that she has a distinguishable voice for all of the characters.

  2. Amy Wong

    I loved going on this ride with Celeste . Seeing the world through her eyes is enough of a treasure ,but then we add in the magic, mayhem, and Men and I’m blown away . Sarah did a amazing job of giving this series that finishing touch ! *Audiobook Obsession Review *

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