Day Trading for a Living: Investing Psychology for Beginners

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The mindset makes the master.

Preparation starts within.

If you intend to make money as a day trader—instead of losing it—you’ll need to know your stuff, and that includes a solid understanding of investing psychology. Well, look no further. In this groundbreaking guide, Vol. II of Leigh Vernon’s Day Trading for a Living Series, you’ll receive a full education and come out equipped for victory.

Master the psychology that underpins effective day trading, take back independence, and compose your own success story.

Inside you’ll discover:

    • The truth behind ALL trader psychology . . .
    • How to use trends to your own advantage . . .
    • How to avoid the most common pitfalls . . .
    • Tips to sidestep cognitive biases . . .
  • Methods to master learning curves with minimal effort . . .


Mastering the market is all a matter of mindset. It’s a system in constant flux, but the underlying principles never change—so, don’t welcome needless risk. Novices and long-term traders will thrive under Vernon’s timeless tutelage.

Level up today!


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