Crescent Moon, The Battle for Lunaria Begins


Mathias Engleborn was rarely considered a normal boy by any standards. A dreamer at heart, his endless imagination made Mathias a joy for some, a curiosity to most, and an outright nightmare for the local librarian. But all the enthusiasm and creativity in the world cannot prepare him for the day that he discovers Crescent Moon, an ancient book full of reluctant secrets and exciting adventures. 

Through the pages of Crescent Moon, he is introduced to Lunaria, a magical world of forgotten lore, dreams made real and untold possibility. Mathias is quickly taken upon a journey with the Prophet, a mysterious figure who calls upon fate to gather champions for the next chapter of an ageless battle between good and evil, darkness and light. Heroes rise, and destiny is shaped as Lunaria prepares for the inevitable conflict, holding to the hope that their greatest champion shall soon return. But until then, Lunaria must endure at all costs as every moment becomes more precious than the next. And as the story unfolds, Mathias realizes that the magic of Crescent Moon extends far beyond the confines of its aging pages. Somehow, he has become part of something bigger and this is only the beginning of the growing tale.


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