Core Establishment Dimensional Dungeon Cores, Book 1


A journey that was a lifetime in the making….

Milton Frederick never had the chance to live out his life as a professional gamer on Earth, mainly because he was abducted by aliens. Unfortunately, he wasn’t returned home after the typical probing associated with such things to tell an unbelievable story to his friends. Instead, he was summarily killed and his consciousness was inserted into a Station Core, a giant, metal, egg-shaped object that could use technology to create traps, Combat Units, and other defenses to protect not just himself, but those he cared about.  

Despite killing him and sticking his mind in what was essentially a giant computer, the aliens that went by the name “The Collective” weren’t actually a bad group of people. Ultimately, what they had done to Milton had been to save themselves from the incessant attacks of a different group of aliens called Heliothropes. Sadly, he never made it to where he was supposed to end up. Rather, his Station Core ended up crash-landing on a foreign planet named Proctus, as far from The Collective as it was possible to get. 

However, through many difficult scenarios and by adapting to his new form, Milton was eventually able to leave Proctus with some new friends and new ships he had built with the help of his versatile drones. Now bound for Collective space to fulfill a promise to his personal AI guide, ALANNA, Milton and his crew use their trans-dimensional drive to journey there through a strange dimension that cuts down on their travel time. 

What they find waiting for them when they emerge is not what any of them were expecting.

Dimensional Dungeon Cores is a continuation of the Station Cores series, though it can be enjoyed without having listened to the previous books. This story contains LitRPG and GameLit mechanics, Dungeon Core elements (including dungeon construction and defense), and optional stat tables in the form of footnotes. Contains no foul language and no harems or sexual content.

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