Algorithm, Nanoverse Book 1

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Nanovax was supposed to be our salvation. 

Death and disease, now obsolete. 

Until the terrorist attack. Fifteen cities in a single day. 

Again, they said Nanovax was the answer. 

The same technology meant to heal us could now be used, through an algorithm, to track us, to predict human behaviors….

To thwart future terrorists. 

I’m Lieutenant Brian Goff. I received the first injection. 

It healed my wounds in the war. I became the face of Nanovax….

Then the algorithm identified me as a threat…a terrorist….

Now, I’m on the run and fighting against the very technology that once saved my life…and if that wasn’t frightening enough….

The government has my daughter.

©2021 Theophilus Monroe (P)2021 Theophilus Monroe

1 review for Algorithm, Nanoverse Book 1

  1. Lacie Redding

    I have so much respect for the author after hearing this book. It manages to be a SciFi read but is completely plausible, given current events and … the ‘fiction’ part could be debated if a few details were switched with current events.

    Regardless of this and anyone’s beliefs pertaining to current events: this is an action-packed, thrilling read and the author manages to set up an entire world, but still keep it a pretty quick read. It’s fairly short, but also extremely fast-paced.

    I recommend this author to everyone—I’ve now read a few different works and it seems Monroe can pull off any genre he wants to.

    Very well done.
    Am interested in reading on in this world, based on this installment.

    4 stars.
    ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

    The narrator was great, excellent performance.

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