Carnal Carnival

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From the best selling author of the killer boys series…

You like the idea of pain with pleasure, don’t you?


My life has always been average. A few fake friends here and there is nothing new to me especially since moving to this town.
The carnival that comes around every Halloween is something my friends and I look forward too more than anything is this old, run down, boring town.
It’s been years and it still holds the same thrill because they change the themes every time they come around.
But each year, the overwhelming feeling of eyes on the back of my head becomes more and more apparent. Part of me is scared to death, the other part thrilled.
The carnies who work here are contracted to not touch us, but there might be room for an exception.
The man in the plague doctor mask haunts my dreams every Halloween, but this year I’m more excited than ever to feel him. Watching me. Always watching me.


I’ll never deny that I’m a man of many obsessions, but I’ve never experienced one as great as him.
Every year this carnival allows me and my crew to cause havoc on this town where justice is never served, bodies are never found.
Hawthorn’s my weak spot, he just doesn’t know it yet.
He doesn’t see how fake his friends are, but I do, and I’m the one willing to fix it.
The doctor is always watching, Hawthorne

Carnal Carnival is a MM romance with MMM scenes with an HEA between the two main male characters. Yes, they share occasionally, but in the end only enjoy the monogamous relationship between the two of them.
An authors note is located at the front of the book with any warnings before listening.

This book is recommended for 18+.



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