Brought To Heel

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Before he claims his mate, she must be brought to heel.

Skylar Owen is not used to taking orders from anyone, and the last thing she wants in her life is an alpha who will demand her submission. But her world is turned upside down after a band of rogue wolves attacks her small, all-female pack.

Ordered to disband her pack so that she can be matched with a mate, Skylar defies the Ruling Council, only to be hunted down and captured.

Though he can tell Skylar will be trouble the moment he sets eyes on her, Dylan Grainger knows how to tame a wayward woman, and it isn’t long before the beautiful, feisty redhead is tearfully promising obedience as her bare bottom is soundly spanked.

But Dylan quickly realizes that Skylar is much more than just a headstrong female in need of an alpha’s firm-handed correction. With each passing day, he grows more certain that she is his mate, and he knows that soon he must claim her, mark her, and take her hard and thoroughly. 

But will she resist her instincts, or will her body’s response to his bold dominance leave her in no doubt that she belongs to him?

1 review for Brought To Heel

  1. Vicki

    Initially, I did not like Dillon but liked him a little better by the end of the book. You will realize he has the women’s best interest at heart despite his dominant ways and his willingness to punish at the drop of a hat. he treated all of the women like children by spanking and making them stand in the corner. Skylar, his new mate, was used to being alpha of her own pack but Dillon treated her like a child. I love when she threatened to cut his throat and how she tried to bargain with him. The way he acted, I could see doing just that to him. Shifter politics are as bad as human politics. I really enjoy Delta James’ writing style and this book was very enjoyable. JT Farrell did a great job with the narration. I could just picture Dillon—a no nonsense but loving and fair man. His pack loved him and, after some consideration, I could see why.

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