Bound for the Tour: The Complete Story


Golf is not for the faint of heart!

Bound for the Tour, the Complete Story: three novels combining golf training with bondage training.

Bound for the Tour: Emily and Shelly are two young women ready to pay any price to become professional golfers. They are even willing to sign with the notorious swing guru, Roderick Traynor, and become his sex toys for an entire year, if necessary. His teaching methods involve numerous and ingenious torments and humiliations. Will they be able to endure long enough to earn their Tour cards? 

Bound for the Tour 2: Kit follows in her sister Emily’s footsteps, and enters the sadistic Traynor’s school in the hope of winning her own Tour card along with her fellow student and sex toy, Dana Watson, Kit is taught the secrets of a winning golf swing and the pleasures of sexual submission and bondage. 

Commander James Bondage and the Girls of the WPGT: An author of erotic novels gets a phone call from someone claiming to be a character from his novel, Bound for the Tour. It’s a prank call, of course…or is it? This novella adds an eerie Twilight Zone atmosphere to the series’ mixture of golf and eroticism.


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