Fireball and Fiascos



I used to have a 10-year plan. After my disastrous marriage ended in mere weeks, I hit the reset button on my life. Now, I’m living for the moment with my only responsibility being a top-level assistant at a high-end fashion magazine. I have zero expectations, and I like it that way. Until I meet him. Zane Lawrence. A sexy private investigator who moonlights as a bartender at the new Martini bar in town. Now, if I can just get through one meeting with him without falling flat on my face, I might fall in love instead.


When this gorgeous brunette bellied up to my bar asking for shots of Fireball on a Wednesday night, I was intrigued. She was sexy, funny, and seemed like the total package until she broke her heel and came crashing down on my bar. I’m afraid a date with her might require a helmet and pads just to survive the night.

What happens when a hapless, accident-prone woman sets out to win the man of her dreams?

This audiobook may cause uncontrollable laughter, pants-wetting, and labored breathing. Public listening should be endeavored with caution.


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