Blown Away: Big Beautiful Woman Erotica

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Teenage boys have their fair share of dreams and Jeremy was one of those boys. He almost lost control when he saw the woman sitting in his parents’ kitchen. She was big and beautiful and turned him on. He did not dwell on it too much though as she was an older woman and he would have no chance with her.

Little did he know that she had her own plans for him! Once she put her plans in motion there was no turning back. It was pure pleasure from the start….

1 review for Blown Away: Big Beautiful Woman Erotica

  1. Beth Fegley

    Hot ‘coming of age “next door neighbor” type story. Forgive the pun, but it was good enough to ‘wet your appetite’ for more hot stories. If there would be another book by this author, I would define read that one also.

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