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Beth Fegley
Cocky Doodle Woo “A rather strange book. However, the story and narration were enjoyable. What's not to like about clueless male chickens who get dressed up in people clothes and run around inside the home?”
10 Hot Explicit Erotic Sex Stories: Swingers Club, Cuckold, Coming Out, Gangbang, Threesome, BDSM, BBW, Lesbian First Time Sex, Medical, Bisexual, Older Woman Younger Man and Much More… “The stories in this book are good. Love that there are 10 and each one is different from the next. Out of the 10, ther was only one I wasn't a fan of and I think that is pretty good odds. I am looking forward to devouring the rest of these books in this series. The narrator did a good job. After a bit you realized it was the same for each, but the stories are good enough it doesn't matter.”
Blown Away: Big Beautiful Woman Erotica “Hot 'coming of age "next door neighbor" type story. Forgive the pun, but it was good enough to 'wet your appetite' for more hot stories. If there would be another book by this author, I would define read that one also.”
Case of the Strawberry Cream Stabbing “Definitely a cozy mystery. Having it written by Angela Landsbury made it just like the old days tv show "Murder She Wrote" Nice story that wraps up all the loose ends by end of book. If you like little old ladies friend groups, pets and desserts, this is a quick afternoon mystery for you.”
In Full Swing: Swingers Club Erotica “Ok, short and to the point. Written as though someone did it as a memoir about their own experience at a club. It gives you a very good representation of the lifestyle. The story may have been short and I would have liked the story to go further, but it was still good as it is.”
Conquered “Loved this book. Even though it is an `alien - human' book, you don't even think or hear about it very much if al all. The banter between the characters and story line keeps you listening and the narrator did a fantastic job. I can't wait to listen to the others in this series. There is NO WAY to listen to this with out getting your juices flowing.”