Black Bears of Independence: Corbin


A clan of black bear shifters has settled into the old ghost town of Independence, CO and opened the Independence Dude Ranch.

Alpha Corbin Hurst has wished for his fated mate since he and his clan began work in Independence three years ago. Long days and longer nights have him dreaming of their future together.

After a rough breakup and swearing off men, Eloise Freimont books a visit to the dude ranch. She meant to focus on her life and getting herself together, not on sex-on-a-stick Corbin Hurst.

A stalker and a mysterious man stand in the way of lovers born to be together.

The world around them declares war on fate and pushes hard against the pair. Now, they and the pack have to take a stand for more than just love; the town itself needs protecting, and they’re the only ones that can do it.


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