Billionaire’s Secret Babies


Zoe had always dreamed of owning a bakery. It was supposed to be a creative outlet, where she could spend her time doing what she loved and make money doing it, but the reality was much different. When she wasn’t slaving away in the kitchen, she was at home worried that something might happen to the place. Everything was dependent upon the success of her business. There was no room for error.

That’s why Archer was so dangerous. He was rich, disciplined and hardworking, everything she wanted in a man. She couldn’t stop thinking about him, and he wanted her, but every time they got close something held him back.

He couldn’t tell her about the twins, but he couldn’t push her away. They were both vulnerable and stupid, risking everything for a doomed relationship, but neither of them could stop.

Zoe was going to find out. Would their relationship survive? How could she possibly avoid getting hurt?


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