Billionaire’s Valentine


I promised her dad I wouldn’t sleep with his daughter…That was a mistake…

Declan has gotten himself into a bit of a bind. His long-time assistant has recently retired, and every assistant brought in to take her place has been chased off by his poor behavior. But as luck would have it, Emmi has also recently been chased off by a badly behaved boss. Her father, Declan’s business partner, suggests she work as his assistant until he finds someone else for the position.

Things get off to a rough start. Emmi knows that the job is less than she is worth, having earned her MBA, and she often steps out of line, showing up Declan despite him being her boss. But when they end up snowed in at a resort he has purchased, things heat up quickly.

But when he hired her, he promised her father he would not sleep with Emmi. So when Emmi’s father tries to rescue them and discovers them naked in bed together, well. Things don’t go so well….


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