Big Orange Flying Dinner Plate

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Having only been born at the tail end of the 19th century, Charlie Brady had never given the slightest thought of the possibility of lifeforms from another planet visiting Earth. That is until the day when such beings physically took him right off the planet. If that wasn’t traumatizing enough, those same beings repeated the process on several more occasions. The nagging fear that he suffered on a daily basis over the possibility of future abductions, combined with very terrestrial concerns, sent him scurrying across the United States in hopes that neither the otherworldly beings who were abducting him nor his Earthly fears would catch up to him. Listen to how Charlie deals with all of this.

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1 review for Big Orange Flying Dinner Plate

  1. Jerry Harkey

    That’s actually high praise for this multi-layered Sci-Fi historical fantasy, unique novel of alien abduction. The idea is normal an early 1900’s southern boy has experiences, well documented in a journal found by his descendant, that brings Roswell NM to life. Very well done and with excellent narration. Well work a credit however I got mine from Audiobooks Unleashed.

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