Bared Secrets

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Brent has been in disguise for so long that it comes second nature. Married with kids, he keeps his longings at bay and tucked neatly in the closet, always wondering if his college fling was just that or something much more. 

Now, with a new sexy, Irish, and completely out-of-the-closet boss at work, who seems to have an eye for Brent, he’s about to find out what his deepest, darkest feelings are all about….

After finally having each other in Riley’s apartment, all Brent can think about is the next moment when he will be able to sneak away, into Riley’s open arms once more. Lying and keeping secrets has been a part of Brent’s life for so long that it’s almost second nature. 

But this time, he knows that he can’t fully love Riley while in the closet. Telling his wife won’t be easy, but he’s willing to risk it for the man he loves…or is he?

2 reviews for Bared Secrets

  1. Troy Daulton

    This review is for books one and two and contains spoilers.

    First of all these books have cheaters so if that isn’t your thing then steer clear. One MC is a married man and the other starts off with a boyfriend, I can deal with books with cheating but it’s a tricky subject and shouldn’t be handled lightly. Unfortunately, I don’t think the author handles it correctly, in order to make the married cheater sympathetic his extra marital love interest should be strong, The reader should want the two men together regardless of the consequences. I never felt the chemistry between Riley and Brent. Yeah, they said they loved each other but I never felt it. Sure, they had tons of hot sex but I never bought that they actually loved each other. And Brent became more and more unsympathetic as time went on. He seemed so uncaring and callous. I know there’s a third book but I have no interest because I just don’t like these guys at all.

  2. Magnus Jordaan

    Mason Lee continues the realism, now Brent must accept and handle the realization he made. Better than the first book. James Talbot also did a nice job with the narration. This book as the first ends with a “to be continued” but leaves you with a better feeling.

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