Anonymously Yours

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Denise tries to do the right thing. She returns a lost wallet and finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery. To make things worse, she needs to solve the crime and stroke the ego of an inept private investigator who happens to be her Uncle Bob. Don’t miss the fun. Get your copy today.

2 reviews for Anonymously Yours

  1. Jennifer Houle

    Narrator was good but not great.

    Lots of twists and turns, though it definitely manages to stick to cozy mystery style.

    Liked the main character, though I felt like she was prone to tangents that were not quite enough to be considered “quirky” as much as they could be considered “annoying”. Didn’t like her boyfriend. If there becomes more of these (should the author decide to continue in a series following the Thomas & Thomas agency), the very first thing needed is an alternative to him. Cozy mystery series always have the lead in a sort of love triangle.

  2. Julie Howard

    I enjoyed this book. It’s a nice group of characters and there were a number of twists to keep you guessing, every time you suspect someone the main character starts to suspect them too, so you change your mind, for the record I was right. Wasn’t really sure why she didn’t call the police in the first place but glad she didn’t otherwise there wouldn’t have been a story.
    When a customer leaves a wallet behind Denise’s boss asks her to drop it off before coming into work in the morning. After knocking on the door and receiving no answer she walks in to find the body of a woman and noises coming from upstairs. She makes a break for it and only phones the police anonymously when she is safely away. The police aren’t happy with the crank call. There is no body in the house and In fact the owner is away on a business trip. It’s up to Denise to find out what really happened when the same body was he up on the beach. She has always wanted to be a detective but her parent’s refused to let her work with her Uncle to learn the ropes but with them away what hey don’t know can’t hurt them. Right?
    I liked the narrator she used her voice well to create the voices of the characters.
    I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review.

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