Alice Anonymous

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No one is innocent, and nothing is as it seems.
Alice Bateman has many secrets. She fled her foster home and hid in a quiet, rural town to keep them. Her peaceful life is shattered the moment Trey Hensley, heir to a tech fortune, transfers to the elite boarding school nearby. Trey’s arrival brings the paparazzi and a whole lot of chaos.

Trey is handsome and charming, but Alice has read enough in the tabloids to keep her distance. Fate has other plans.

A failed abduction of him leaves four dead and a target on Alice‚Äôs back. Now she and Trey are on the run together. There’s no one to turn to and no one to trust. Their pursuers will stop at nothing to find them. If they want to survive, Alice and Trey must unravel the dark mystery behind the violence.

Can Alice discover the truth before her secrets catch up with her?

1 review for Alice Anonymous

  1. Norma Miles

    “Money can’t buy you happiness – but it can buy everything else.”
    Alice, just 17, a runaway orphan, leads a low profile life, living and working with Elsie, the older girl who befriended her when she first came to town. To stay alive, she’s done things in the past she’s not proud of and knows she must avoid being noticed by the police. So when the store in which she works is attacked, sending her running with the handsome young heir to a security firm fortune, they’re on their own – apart from a little help from their friends.

    Written mostly in the first person from the perspective of Alice, Alice Anonymous is an easy read, fast paced YA thriller, with an intriguing back plot line even if the action is somewhat predictible. The characters are clearly drawn, the love interest present from the beginning and very supportive friends drive the story onwards. Sadly, the latter part of the book feels more clunky than the main body, losing a lot of the mystery which had made the earlier part so compelling. An opening is left for a sequel. The narration by Jeanie Talbot is very good, clear, well modulated and with credible character voicings. A little slow, but this is easi!y remedied by increasing the playback speed to 1.25.

    I was fortunate in being freely gifted with a complimentary copy of this enjoyable book, at my request, by the rights holder via Audiobook Unleashed. Thank you. With it’s team of late teenage protagonists, this is a mystery thriller that most young readers would find engrossing. Recommended

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