A Shift in Shadows

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Nemain, a feline shape-shifter with a dangerous and unexplainable magical secret, must go on the run with an ancient vampire if she hopes to survive the supernatural forces that wish to exploit or kill her.

Hiding from Sebastian, a powerful warlock and former lover with a psychotic obsession, Nemain has sought shelter in the daemon-run town of Emerald Bay on the Washington coast. Nemain’s tumultuous relationship with Sebastian left her on the run, but now it seems that she might be in the clear, so long as she keeps flying under the radar.

Above all, Nemain must do what she can to avoid detection, but the leaders of the warlocks know about Nemain’s abilities and are actively trying to capture her so that they can use the shifter for their own means. And if the fae or daemons discover her abilities, they will likely kill her for fear of what she might do.

In order to survive, Nemain must figure out a way to fight her way free of the warlocks, and keep her friends and family safe, all while keeping her magic a secret from the supernaturals who would do her harm.


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