Pierrany Part 1 (The Adventures of Jack Cannon, Kid Detective)


Jack Cannon and his team of detectives have an incredible adventure ahead of them in the wondrous land of Pierrany. When a magical girl named Jade arrives at the Cannon household in the middle of the night, she comes with urgency and whisks Jack, Teddy, Stacey, Veronica, and Grandpa Telly away to a whole other world. 

As they arrive in Pierrany, the young detectives must work through some social issues they are dealing with. Veronica has pulled away from the team to “focus on her schoolwork” and has become isolated. At the same time, Teddy is trying to work toward his own identity, feeling as though he has been lost in Jack’s shadow. As the kids work through issues of their own, Grandpa Telly begins to remember Pierrany, a place he somehow once visited as a child with Jade long, long ago.

The detectives encounter a wide array of interesting characters, as well as dangerous creatures, in this fascinating world that threatens their very existence. But the team forges ahead as they realize they have powers of their own in this magical place and must come together to conquer evil and stave off the dark powers of Pierrany that threaten not only this world, but their world. 

This is part one of the two-part adventure!


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