A Question of Time A Question of…Book 3

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Caroline and Nathan’s former enemy Rasmussen reappears as a magician calling himself The Great Manzini. As Manzini, he kidnaps King Thomas Jefferson the Fourth during a magic show at the Ford’s Theater and demands an impossible ransom. A time-traveler himself, Nathan understands how the trick was done, but when he confronts the villain, Manzini sends Nathan 60 years into the future.

Nathan returns, unable to explain his absence, and is arrested as an accomplice to the kidnapping and possible murder. In vain he tries to explain the kidnapping was a ruse to deflect attention from a greater threat to the nation. Caroline must rescue the missing monarch…but will she find Thomas in time to prove her husband’s innocence and right a 100-year-old wrong?

1 review for A Question of Time A Question of…Book 3

  1. Shan MC

    This is the 3rd book in the series, and Caroline and Nathan find themselves in another sticky situation when the foe from the first book reappears in a magical way. I’d read the previous books before this one, but it’s not necessary. The narrator is the same as the previous 2 books, and does an okay job. Her voice fits the proper tone of the story. In this book, Nathan’s power comes into play more than in the previous books, but Nathan is in for some trouble when it doesn’t quite work how he thought. The time travel added to the story, and I wish it would’ve been a bigger factor. It was still nice what was there. The king ends up kidnapped, so Nathan and Caroline set out to help find him. Nathan and Caroline are parents now, and they still have a sweet connection. I like how tough Caroline has become, and how much she’s willing to do to help Nathan. Nathan tends not to think things through correctly, so this causes problems for him and Caroline. I feel his strength has lessened some from the first book, while Caroline’s has grown. Another interesting and intriguing addition to this series! I’ve enjoyed each book in the series, and they are fun reads. Not for the humor, but for the uniqueness. There was a little too much history in the ending that didn’t add much to the story, and I would’ve liked for there to be a bit more with Nathan and Caroline, but overall, an enjoyable read!

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