A Question of Loyalty A Question of…., Book 2

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When the border between Floriana and the United States is opened after 80 years, Nathan and Caroline visit as official tourists and unofficial spies. Escorted around picturesque turn-of-the-century New Orleans, they quickly realize they are being prevented from seeing the real city – and evidence of an incipient revolution.

After two assassination attempts, Nathan begins to question his loyalty to a king who may have deliberately placed them in harm’s way. The pair are determined to find out who is trying to kill them and why.

A hurricane interrupts their search, and Nathan believes Caroline has drowned in the raging waters. Grief-stricken, he joins the revolution where he must face his deepest fears. Meanwhile, Caroline refuses to believe her rescuers when they tell her Nathan fell in the battle of New Orleans. Penniless and alone, she falls desperately ill.

For once, Nathan and Caroline’s paranormal abilities fail to help. Will their love for each other be enough to reunite them?

1 review for A Question of Loyalty A Question of…., Book 2

  1. Shan MC

    I really enjoyed this one! This is the 2nd book in this series, and continues on with the adventures of Caroline and Nathan. I’d recommend reading the first book, but I suppose it isn’t completely necessary to enjoy this book. I listened to the story on Audible, and the narrator does an okay job. I also listened to the first book with the same narrator, and what I said in that review stands. Her voice fits the formal tone of this story. Solid narration. In this one, Caroline and Nathan are married, and are traveling to Floriana for their belated honeymoon. Nathan also has a bit of a spy mission for the king. The boarders have been opened, so the couple is excited to see and enjoy the local sites in Floriana, but there are some factors in play that put a damper on their vacation. There’s lots of shady stuff going on, and Nathan and Caroline have landed in a bad spot. Be it people or mother nature these two are in danger. As mentioned in the premise, a hurricane causes quite the problem, and the two are separated. I was disappointed that Nathan only looked for 3 days before giving up looking for Caroline, that seemed like a very short time to me. He was distraught, so I get it a little bit, but Caroline didn’t give up. I do enjoy the sweet romance between Caroline and Nathan, and they have a good connection. How they feel for each other is wonderful. The story is interesting and unique, and I like the bit of intrigue in the story. I don’t usually like historical type stories, but this one is fun and the story has some twists. Looking forward to reading the next one!

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