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Reagan Boggs
As an Americana Music Artist and Classically Trained Vocalist, I have 20 years' experience in performance, radio, and now audiobook narration. I've landed in other professional and creative roles over the years such as, Singer/Songwriter, Public Speaker, Certified Professional Coach, Amateur Photographer, and IT Developer. It's a wildly diverse background that helps me feel connected to a variety of material. Being an audiobook junkie and a sucker for a great story has pulled me in and kept me in love with the work. I try to avoid hobbies, because I can be a bit obsessive. I'm known at home to my kiddo as the “crazy fish lady,” because I now have four aquariums. I'm a self-taught cake boss (Thanks YouTube) with cabinets full of cake decorating supplies, because eight years ago, I decided to make my baby's 1st birthday cake. I have a passion for learning and growing, and I try to apply that to everything I do – Albeit a bit relentlessly.