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Gabrielle Lee
Fun Trivia Questions With Interesting Facts : All About Music Edition “This book contains a lot of different trivia and facts about all things in music from artists to instruments. You can learn a lot of different facts and enjoy answering the questions in the second part of this book. There really is no order or categories with the information and facts in this book. I enjoyed many of the little tidbits after each of the questions and answers in the second chapter. Although the pacing was a bit slow for me narrator Bill Ayers speaks clearly makes it easy to listen and understand the book. If you like music trivia of all kinds, you will enjoy this short book.”
The Fetishists “When Jefferson goes to a fetish auction, he finds more than he bargains for. As he goes full out and enjoys himself Jefferson is thrust into something bigger and scarier than he could ever imagine. Things go so far off the track that there may never be a way back. Jefferson’s story is not for the faint hearted and does not always make sense. In the beginning it jumps back and forth too many times between what is happening now and what happened the night before. The story has Jefferson in many different scenarios that you have no idea how he got there. A lot of details are hinted at but left open, so the listener really has no idea who is tormenting Jefferson and why. Jefferson comes off as so unlikable in the beginning making it hard to feel anything for him when the tables are turned. Many details are repeated throughout the story from his choice of drink to his missing fingers which quickly becomes monotonous. I would have enjoyed more depth to the story and the characters. The idea for the plot line was a really interesting one and I think that if it and the characters were fleshed out some more it would be more enjoyable. Once we get into the second half of the story it flows better and you can see that the author has some talent. The book ends abruptly, and listeners are left with more questions than answers”
Streets Apart & Hearts Apart “Aaron has always had a thing for Joe but what does he have to offer Joe? Aaron has no idea if Joe is even gay. Being in the closet does not help matter either. Aaron and Joe were childhood friends but could there be a chance for a reunion of sorts and more to follow? Aaron and Joe's' story is sweet. Aaron knows what he wants but can he afford to take a chance and grab for his happiness? Joe and Aaron are good men who find themselves learning about each other and what they truly want. It was nice to see how the two men figure things out. I was glad to see some supportive family and friends come to Aaron's side when he needed them. Joe and Aaron's relationship has its ups and downs as they work through it all and Aaron must make some hard choices if he wants to truly step out of the closet and be proud of who he is and who he is with. I would have loved to see a bit more in the building of the men's relationship but as a whole this is a quick and sweet story.”
His Reluctant Cowboy “When Reid finds out that his grandfather has past up his father and given his ranch to him Reid is surprised and makes his way to the ranch to fulfill the requirements of the will and be done with the ranch but once he arrives everything changes and Reid must make a choice that he never thought he had. I enjoyed this story. Reid is a fun and entertaining character. He is a strong and smart man that may have been born into money but is not afraid to work and fight for what is right. Walker’s character is just as strong and the two make a good couple. As Reid tries to figure out what to do about the ranch, he never saw his attraction to Walker amounting to anything but one-night changes everything for the two men. It was nice to see the two fight for the ranch and the people that work it. Seeing their relationship take shape was nice and it was nice to see the interaction between Reid and the people on the ranch. Narrator Brad king does a good job of bringing the characters to life and pulling me into the story. The only drawback for me was the voice of the ranch cook, I had a hard time with her voice and began to find it irritating.”