Hate to Love You

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He loves him, he loves him not….

Oh who is he kidding, he can’t live without him.

Dexter McKenna is the man Matthew Sullivan both loves and hates. He’s outgoing and athletic, the kind of guy Matthew’s father always wanted him to be. And, he’s the last person Matthew wants to see at his sister’s wedding.

While undeniably attracted to Dexter, Matthew still resents him for his father’s constant comparisons.

When Matthew finds out Dexter is equally interested in him, it forces him to overcome his painful past so he can move forward with his future.

1 review for Hate to Love You

  1. The Book Junkie Reads Miley

    It was a challenge in the lives of both males. The two of them come to learn over time that they had much in common. One had a protective streak that was mile wide. He would do anything for the other. The strong female of this story was a secondary character and should could have taught a few others somethings.

    Dexter and Matthew were in a love hate relationship long before one knew what was going on. One uniting event allowed them both to see something more between them.

    I advise those that are triggered by bigoted words, language or the such to take caution when reading. I was very angry with the treatment of Matthew and Dexter, but I love a story where the two preserve.

    Guy Veryzer was a good narrator at times I felt like Matt was a bit on the child (male) voice. But it grew on me and I went on to enjoy the audio.

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