Nefertem: The Awakening

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Twenty billion people live on the Earth in a city with no end. Pollution, corruption, high unemployment, and the lack of clean water leave the population scratching out a meager existence.

Easton Miller Takes a chance on a job in the colonies on a new world.

Expecting to find a better life he is faced with knowledge of a horrifying secret buried deep inside of him.

A secret that will change the existence of mankind and the very perception of what and who we are.

1 review for Nefertem: The Awakening

  1. Richard C

    Yep this book is short and sweet, I wouldn’t complain if it was bigger as it’s an interesting world that the author has created. Thankfully there is a book 2 which continues the story into the next part of the arc.

    Some parts would definitely benefit from expansion, more to towards the end of the book where the plot significantly sped up and there was a lot more to take in.

    Narration was brilliant and with such clarity. Some very minor editing issues, but nothing that really grated.

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