You’re Going To Be A Dad! The New Dad’s Guide to Pregnancy and the First Year of Fatherhood

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Learn from a whole community of dads so you’re fully prepared to be a great first time dad and partner.

The moment you find out you’re going to be a dad is one of incredible joy, shock, and anxiousness – often all the same time! This detailed guide, from the writers and dads at DaddiLife – the worlds leading online platform for fathers – provides the reassurance and practical advice needed for modern day dads. It addresses the real challenges that new dads and dads to be go through, while also providing the answers at every step of the way – through pregnancy and the full first year with your baby.

What you can expect in this new dads guide:


  • How to be one team throughout with your partner: The science of what is happening week by week for mother and baby, as well as the the psychology of what’s happening for dad – and how to go through the experience as one team together throughout this life changing journey.
  • A focus on the real issues dads go through: This book treats dads as equal parents and goes beyond the surface level and into the deeper challenges around post partum, mental health, physical changes, relationships, sex, and much more.
  • Insights from multiple dad perspectives: Key learnings from our in-depth interviews with more than 50 new fathers from multiple backgrounds (e.g. dads who have conceived naturally, gone through IVF with their partners, dads of twins, and more), that also includes their reflections from COVID-19 and what they would do in any future restriction.

This book is a result of five years of research and understanding of what dads experience throughout pregnancy and beyond, and gives dads the confidence and clarity they need so they have a plan at each stage (and it’s great for partners too!).


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