Valley Storm: A Friends to Lovers Second Chance Romance


An unrequited love rekindled. Luke Langthorne and Amanda Samulesen have loved each other since they were children. Luke, ever noble and true, is confident they will be together when the time is right. Before claiming his woman, he must make his mark as a man in his own right and sets off into the world to do so. The impetuous and emotional Mandy panics. She fears Luke will never come back for her and enters into an abusive marriage, shattering their dream of love. 

Until…five years later, Mandy, in a dramatic escape, flees her sadistic husband and takes refuge at the home of her second family, the Langthornes. Unable to resist the pull of his first and only true love, Luke returns to his birthright in the Napa Valley’s Wine Country. Luke and Mandy aren’t children anymore. Now, as complex adults, their once-chaste romance becomes a torrid passion that threatens to ruin them both. They struggle to reestablish a relationship as the tempest brews around them in this third and final installment of the Langthornes of the Napa Valley. 

Is this finally Luke and Mandy’s time? Or will the tumult of their stormy desire keep them apart?


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