Triple Team: A Military Reverse Harem

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Three sexy soldiers escorting me to exotic locations around the world. Watching my back. Protecting me.

Sharing me.

I met the most gorgeous man in the world at a hacker convention. And out of everyone there, he took me back to his hotel room. But a sizzling night of passion wasn’t the only thing he had in mind. He gave me a proposition I never expected. A spot on his mercenary team. A mission to assassinate a Colombian drug lord. A chance to avenge my father’s death.

Donovan, the jacked Marine who knows how to take charge. Gregor, the cocky Army boy specializing in explosive ordnance. Michael, the dark and secretive Israeli Special Operative.

These delicious mercenaries will protect me on our mission. And the fringe benefits will drive me to the edge of what I can take. Can I survive their intense love? Or will my inability to choose get in the way of our mission?

Triple Team is a thrilling, sexy, stand-alone reverse harem romance filled with humor, action, and suspense. It also contains sizzling hot MFMM menage sex, in single and multiple partner scenes. HEA guaranteed!


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