The Total Tarot History, Symbolism, Meditation, and Divination

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In this audiobook, we will elucidate the spiritual and moral guidelines contained in the cards. We will explain how to use the cards in the areas of divination and personal meditation. We will look at the evolution of the cards and examine the origins of the tarot in parlor games, as an instrument to convey moral and spiritual lessons, as a tool for meditation, and finally, as a window into the future.

We will trace the evolution of the tarot through social and religious change. Information and details will be given on how to divine the past, present, and future as we explore the use of the cards in modern society. 

From the 12th century to today, the cards have offered insight into time, spirit, and the inner self. Much history and meaning has been lost, but this audiobook will bridge the gaps and brings us back the wisdom lost so long ago.

It is not the mind that moves the oracle. The tarot kindly performs for both those amassed and bereft of the science of the mind. The oracle is moved by time itself; that thing, like the ocean tide, that ties all things, living and not, together into the dance and rhythm of synchronicity.

The tide is discerned by the swaying rushes, the wind by a bending bough, and the tides of time by the oracle of the cards. Each moment contains a distinct imprint. Each can be reflected in the cards.


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