The Quotient

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The phrase “Equal Pay for Equal Work”, taken from the Equal Pay Act of 1963, rings hollow today. Proper Pay for the Best Performance is the rallying cry of The Quotient.

Nearing completion of the original draft for The Quotient (aka QTNT), Rick Gillis had an epiphany. For months he had been using the generally accepted phrase “Equal Pay for Equal Work” when writing about pay disparity. Then it struck him that based on everything he had written over the previous year; this was not correct. It was then he determined that for The Quotient to be more accurate, that statement should read: “The Proper Pay for the Best Work”. If you think you are not being paid fairly, The Quotient offers you a direct and simple process to identify your achievements on the job, source your value to your employer, and be able to present and defend your claims to management – at all levels. Similarly, your employer can easily understand why what you say is accurate. The good news is that none of this is difficult!

Book one of The Quotient is spent on teaching workers, project managers, and individual contractors how to determine and share their contributions with their employer regardless of their rank or position. In Rick’s experience he has been able to point out achievements his clients had not recognized simply because they were too close to the situation. To illustrate several of these client-achievements, 14 “Q-Studies” have been placed throughout book one to break down and explain the concepts and guide the listener through the process. These Q-Studies include an executive assistant who found thousands of dollars in uncollected discounts her company was not receiving; a construction superintendent who saved his company millions of dollars by building a simple bridge over the worksite getting his workers to the job more quickly, and the bank VP who saved his bank during one of our national financial meltdowns but never knew he had done so – until Rick insisted he ask his boss—the president of the bank – about any specific achievements he might have accomplished he did not know about.

In each Q-Study you will see how these achievements are measured, valued and, ultimately, assigned a ‘Q’ (Quotient) rating. The concepts behind The Quotient are effective and applicable at all levels of the organization.

Book two, written for enterprise and management, focuses on:

  • Enhancing employee engagement
  • Helping establish a uniquely fair pay system while acknowledging fair market pay rates
  • Exposing lost production companies endure while conducting performance appraisals
  • The potential for saving thousands and thousands of dollars dealing with employment issues.

As Doug Thorpe, author of The Uncommon Commodity, writes in the introduction: “For two decades Rick Gillis has disrupted the traditional thinking about resumes and job search. People who followed Rick’s guidance found quick and effective results even in the worst of job market conditions. Now, Rick blazes a new trail with The Quotient“.


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