The Peacemaker


A secret plot to start a war. Two old enemies who must work together to foil it. Fans of Harry Starke will surely remember Nero and Casandra Wu from The Assassin, well the good news is they are back in an adventure of their own. This marks the beginning of yet another great Blair Howard Series!

After escaping US custody in a deadly battle that leaves three FBI agents dead and another wounded, Wu is kidnapped by The Peacemakers, a Deep State organization dedicated to achieving peace on Earth. Unfortunately, to bring that about they must initiate WWIII and Wu must assassinate an impossible target: the Russian president. 

Former British SAS sniper turned freelance assassin Nero is in hiding for crimes committed in the US when former lover and FBI operative Ellie Millard pays him a visit and blows his cover. She forces him to choose: work for us and stop Wu, or go to prison. 

The last time Nero saw his arch enemy Wu, she almost succeeded in killing him. As Nero moves behind enemy lines in Siberia to track the elusive Wu, he uncovers a secret web of deep state operatives about to pull the strings on a deadly plot. To stop them, Nero realizes the only other person he can trust is the one he’s been sent to destroy: Cassandra Wu. 

Will Nero and Wu be able to put aside their differences and combine forces to stop The Peacemakers? Or will the temptation to kill each other prove too great? If you like the thrills of Jack Reacher or the intense action of John Wick, then you’ll burn through The Peacemaker


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