The Final Girl

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Seventeen-year-old Jill Turner is the final girl, the lone survivor of a campsite massacre. Now, a killer is on the loose, and Jill holds the key to catching him. But this killer is no ordinary man. He is a monster, both alive and dead, and Jill knows this all too well. She knows what the monster is. She knows where he comes from. And she knows that he will kill again. 

For veteran homicide detective Darlene Moore, this case is personal. Having lost her daughter two years ago, she finds herself drawn to Jill, and she will stop at nothing to protect her. But there is something strange about Jill’s story, something that leads Darlene to wonder if the girl knows more about the killer than she is letting on. 

Jill is keeping a secret, one that has cost the lives of four of her friends. As Jill struggles with her past and the knowledge that her actions may have created a monster, Darlene races against time to stop a killer before he strikes again.

1 review for The Final Girl

  1. Randi Robinson

    Jill Turner is on a camping trip with her “newly acquired friends”, a group who loves old horror movies and plays games based on them. Jill’s father is dead, and she is being raised by her fundamentalist religious mother who worries about her daughter being “sullied” (a word which is used a lot). The plot is interesting. Why was Jill the final girl, the lone survivor when everyone was brutally murdered? Who was the man with the smashed-in face (great name for a villain in a horror story). The characters were all flawed and not totally believable. But are the characters in old horror movies ever believable? The detective Darlene had recently lost a daughter the same age as the teens and in real life I doubt she would have been on this case. The story is told with chapters alternating between Jill and Darlene which was works well in telling this story. The twist was not totally unexpected but parts of it were and it was effective. I listened to the audiobook gotten through Audiobooks Unleashed. The narrator Megan Hudgins did an excellent portraying the young Jill Turner.

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