The Complete Horse Mistress Collection

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Her secret could save her people. It will also destroy her life.

Carivel was born female, but she has been living as a boy for years in her adoptive village of Draebard. The last thing she needs is to fall for not one, but two unattainable men—a fierce warrior and a reluctant wolf-shifter with a horrific past. Now, the Alyrion Empire is poised to invade, and Carivel must choose whether to keep her secret or reveal it—not only to the men she loves, but also to the powerful female ruler whose army could help protect Draebard during the coming war.

Steamy and spellbinding, The Complete Horse Mistress Collection combines detailed world-building and a heartfelt romance between three noble, damaged people who have no one to turn to but each other.

The Complete Horse Mistress boxset contains Books 1 – 4, as well as an exclusive series epilogue—Return of the Wolf.


Author’s note: This series contains descriptions of violence and graphic sex, including sex between men, sex with multiple partners (MMF), and elements of fully consensual BDSM within an established, loving relationship. Additionally, it deals with issues of gender identity and gender fluidity. It is intended for a mature audience.

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  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    During an attack on the village that had become home for Carivel, for the past three years, her mentor, amongst many others were killed.
    This elevated her into a new position, that of Horse Master, as her disguise of the three years still remained undetected.
    Then, being asked to be a part of a mission to seek alliance with another island community, combining forces against their shared enemy, our young girl, realized that others also had their own secrets.
    It’s an interesting campaign, revealing more than just the strengths and weaknesses of the community’s senior representatives.

    Book 2

    This episode shows the return to their community, facing the consequences of their individual mis-represented situations.

    Followed closely by the delegation from their newly allied neighbors.
    Therefore, although the chieftain was enamored by the horse master’s newly acclaimed sexual status, he made to dominate by a demand of his own.

    This plus other situations arise to cause the joint attack on the mainland’s invading forces to act, sooner than any anticipated, but just in time, for one situation that had become dire.

    The aftermath ànd psychological damage done to the mental health of the horse mistress, meant that her two lovers had to perform an intervention, to get her psychics back into alignment with her feeling of safety and security.

    Book 3

    In this episode our three intrepid heroes are against a whole range of difficult situations.
    However, although each has shown that they felt they were not worthy of the companionship of the other two, it has been proven that the three were bonded tightly together. Giving succor when each individual needed it.
    We see a foreshadowing of an events, as well as a loss of one of the community’s main characters, which changes lives and power.
    There are many developments, but these are best read (or listened to) as the author intended, rather than my muddled synapses.

    Book 4

    The idea that the Empire would again make an incursion, as soon as possible after winter, the three stepped up their various expertise, to try and somehow defeat this gigantic war machine.
    With an ability of thinking out side the norm, allows the creative solutions to outsmart a gigantic war machine, with untrained and in some cases, reluctant recruits.
    To know the outcome, you need to read this episode, just as the author intended.

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