The Chakra Compendium

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Want to learn how to align your mind, body, and soul, achieve perfect health and emotional well-being, and live a happier, more meaningful life?

Do you feel like your body, mind, and soul are out of alignment? Do you find yourself constantly dealing with various diseases and illnesses? Do you feel like you don’t know your purpose in life? Finding it hard to drum up the courage to go after what you want in life and build the life of your dreams? Do you find it hard to connect with other people and form meaningful relationships? If any of this feels like you, then this audiobook is for you.

In this audiobook, you are going to learn about the chakra system, how it works, as well as several techniques, meditations, and information that will empower you to become in tune with your mind, body, and spirit using the chakra system.

Here is what you will learn inside the audiobook:

  • What is the chakra system? 
  • The origin of the chakra system
  • How to align your root chakra in order to feel more safe and grounded
  • How to align your sacral chakra and take control over your emotions, creativity, sensuality, and the pursuit of pleasure
  • How to align your solar plexus chakra to build your self-confidence and take control over your self-identity and personality
  • How to align your heart chakra and create better, more meaningful relationships with others
  • How to align your throat chakra and become better at expressing your true, authentic self
  • How to align your third-eye chakra and take control over your intuition and imagination
  • How to align your crown chakra and gain access to higher states of consciousness and spiritual wisdom
  • And so much more

Buy a copy of this audiobook, and you will learn everything you need to know about the chakra system. I promise you will love it.

See you inside!


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