Summary of Limitless by Jim Kwik

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Summary of Limitless by Jim Kwik. This book contains the wisdom a person would spend his whole life searching for. In our period of time, the world has become distracted, and focusing on a particular thing has become extremely hard. Jim Kwik teaches us how we can unleash the untapped resources in our brains. Every human is a genius, and this book is all about bringing out our inner genius. We are limitless; the only limit we have is our imagination. Why should we let small obstacles in our lives stop us from achieving unimaginable feats? In this book, Kwik shares the user manual of the most excellent, most sophisticated technology ever created, our brain. We can learn and realize how we should use our minds to be more efficient and more effective. 

This book also underlines the methods we can use to remember everything we read, from articles to books. Kwik helps people realize the incorrect dogmas ingrained in us by society, which affects not just the younger generation, but also all ages, and their functionality. He shows that people are repeating and making the same mistake repeatedly, which leads to less productivity and more continuous problems in our society.

Please note that this summary is NOT the original book and is meant to be listened to as a supplement to the original.

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