Suffer the Children


Suffer the Children is very unique in its blend of science fiction, murder mystery, romance, and legal genres. The main character, Dusty Burch, is a former wrestler, now attorney, who finds himself deep in the middle of a psychic dream connection with a little girl who needs his help. 

He meets people around the country and world who share his same burdens. Together, they search for answers, but the secrets they uncover push them to the edge of morality in the name of justice. 

Dusty falls in love with one of “the Chosen”, meets his best friend, and forms a bond with the rest of the group that is formidable. The group needs a savior, but Dusty’s career is holding him back. 

Can he crack the code and find a safe solution before the group and the love of his life are forced to make the toughest decisions any human could ever be asked to make?


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