Sex Confessions of a Ride Share Driver


Brian David Michaels is a part-time rideshare driver. Brian is your average guy. He has never been a ladies’ man. However, from his job a rideshare driver he has gained a new ability: He has learned to listen to women. By listening, Brian has learned some new tricks. These new tricks enable Brian to pick up women with ease. In fact, the women usually ask Brian for sex. Of course, Brian does say the right things to get them to ask.

Brian may sound like a womanizer to some of you, but he is not. He is just a guy who finally has learned to listen to women. However, Brian does use this ability to find women in need of some TLC. So beware, all men, he isĀ out there.

From his first day as a rideshare driver, he was propositioned by ladies for sex. But Brian just laughed it off. But as time went on, he realized he was missing an opportunity: random, casual sex with no strings attached. And to think for months, all this NSA sex passed by him. Soon after this revelation, he made his first move and accepted his first offer.

These are the stories of Brian’s sexual adventures. Here in this first installment, we meet the first of many ladies. Join us here for audiobook one and live the life of love, sex, and fantasy. The stories in this audiobook are real and based on actual experiences – actual experiences in the daily life of a rideshare driver.

Warning to all men, Brian is picking up your wife after work. Tonight!


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