The Cost of Betrayal

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Their prophet dead and their home lost, the half-bloods Harruq and Qurrah Tun form a strained alliance with a band of mercenaries outside the city of Veldaren. As the brothers and their allies wage a private war against powerful thief guilds, forces greater than them all threaten to tear them apart and ruin any hope for a better life. Harruq must defend his family at all costs, for Qurrah’s love of a girl with a shattered mind and the power of a goddess may doom them all.

1 review for The Cost of Betrayal

  1. blogit dag

    Now that the characters are fully introduced, the world is built, we get into a good story. I am glad I pushed through the first book. The second book did not disappoint. Harruq and Quarrah with Aurie are attacked by a band of mercenaries hired to keep all elves out of the city. They fight for an extended period of time, it basically comes to a standstill and they agree to join the mercenaries to not be kicked out of the city. They are hired to do a few jobs, meet some new people including Tessana but the brothers start to be drawn apart. Tessana has a fractured mind which leads to other issues. Definitely worth a read.

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