Ravished on Raptor Island

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Everyone assumes the meters-thick science compound walls are too sturdy to be breached–until one stormy night when the whole world goes mad. Nearly everyone is killed by rampaging dinosaurs. The few survivors scatter across the island and take shelter wherever they can find it.   

Cleo barely escapes with her life. She vows that if she survives, she’s going to learn what she’s been missing by finding a virile man and having sex with him as many times as she can.   

Gavin is happy to oblige her, but he has his own plans for innocent little Cleo. He intends to ravish her when, where, and how he pleases. She’s in for the ride of her life–and when he’s done with her, she’ll never be the same again!  

1 review for Ravished on Raptor Island

  1. JoAnn Thompson

    Interesting Story… This is an interesting short story set on an island that has been taken over by raptors and dinosaurs. Faced with a world that makes living another day a toss of the dice, Cleo is determined to live life to its fullest and Gavin is only too happy to fulfill her wishes.

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