Phantom Hunter: The Phantom Chronicles, Book 2


Continue Chloe and Ragan’s epic adventure in book two of the Phantom Chronicles…

Fleeing back to Project Dawn’s base in the mountains, Ragan and Chloe have some serious explaining to do. The data has been extracted from Chloe’s nanites, but the hunt is still on. Now, they have an even harder task on their hands – finding the deadly Mikel before it’s too late.

Teaming up with two of Ragan’s colleagues in the Crimson Corps, Chloe, and Ragan enter into a race against time, with the fate of the future resting on their shoulders. Will they catch Mikel before he hands over the data? And who, exactly, is the nano-vamp working for?

Unravel the mystery in the second hair-raising instalment of the Phantom Chronicles!


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