Perfect Rescue


Clean Christian Romance

Emily Smith has always been told she’s quite the catch, so why do all of her relationships end so quickly? And why does she attract pretty boys who make her feel anything but feminine? Sure, she’s a firefighter and a better mechanic than most of the guys she knows, but she still wants someone who makes her feel like a lady.

When Dominic Jewell shows up, she thinks she’s found Mr. Right.

Dominic is a brand new airline captain and is on top of the world. As the youngest of eight siblings, he’s been bossed around his whole life and is ready to be in charge. But he feels like he’s a half step behind this incredible new woman in his life.

When Emily faces tough days at work, and needs to recuperate in her own way, can Dom figure out how to be there for her but also give her the space she needs? If he can’t strike a balance between being strong and being supportive, they might both decide that it’s just another failed attempt.


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