Peppermint Chocolate Murder


From the moment Nikki first made Maple Hills, Vermont her home, she has had a dark and dangerous cloud follow her. First, she discovered a web of underground Mafia members, and now there is a dead body at The Lodge – a dead body that just happens to hail from her own hometown of Atlanta. As the newest, and arguably the nosiest, neighbor in the area, she knows all eyes will soon turn her way and tongues will start to wag.

Nikki has no choice but to garner her new friends and put her extensive experience as a big city reporter to use, playing a modern-day Nancy Drew against a backdrop of gorgeous hills and the Canadian border. Along with her pseudo partner and maybe love interest, Hawk, a local cop who just happens to be the chief’s son, the duo must unravel a mystery that gets more complex by the minute – all the while trying to stay one step ahead of a murderer with murky, yet dire, motives.

And to think…all Nikki really wanted to do when she moved to the quaint town was make chocolates…


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