On the Table: A Friendly FFM Menage Tale

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Sometimes you know exactly where the party’s going….

And sometimes you don’t.

When she threw a party for Danny’s birthday, Suzie thought she knew what she was doing. Her friend Alice shows her how wrong she was.

This new adult erotic romance contains ménage à trois, ice play, and F/M/F.


Suzie was about to snap back that Alice could just f___ing leave when she glanced at Danny. He was slack-jawed, staring at Alice. At the crotch of Alice. Who was sitting there, taking a sip from Danny’s scotch while her long legs spread wide, bouncing one knee obliviously against the cushions on the back of the couch. Negligent.

Of course, it only occurred to Suzie just then that the one direction into Alice’s outfit that they hadn’t thought it necessary to worry about had been the view from below. And Alice, of course, never wore underwear. Quite an oversight.

And it was at that moment that Suzie had the idea. It was her idea — that is the thing she can’t quite come to grips with. She was the one to make this happen.

She teetered slightly as she leaned down to her friend and kissed her on the lips, which were cool from the ice in Danny’s drink.

When they broke apart after a moment, Alice said, “Well, that was very nice. It’s been a long time since we did that.”Ignoring the incoherent gibbering from Danny, Suzie asked, “You feeling lonely tonight, A?”Her friend’s usually smooth brow creased. “Yes, as a matter of fact, Suzie, I am.”

“Then, Alice, sweetie,” Suzie said, astonishing herself, “I don’t think you need to stay down here. Or watch. Join us.”


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