Oh F*ck Oh F*ck It Hurts A Collection of Medical Horror

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A medical system that keeps you alive as long as your cash holds out. A sure-fire weight-loss treatment with only a ten percent fatality rate. A flesh-sloughing, muscle-shredding disease that leaves the sufferer begging to be put in a tub full of maggots. A son giving everything to care for his mother as she wastes away.

Our bodies are fragile and destructible things, and one of the few knowable things in life is that they will fail us, painfully and entirely. With the destruction of our flesh and bones, whether from the inside or out, comes true fear. And therein lies the horror.

This collection of stories by indie horror author Ruth Anna Evans also features one guest story by award-winning author Rik Hoskin. It will gut you, will fill you with a very personal dread, and will leave you with thoughts in your head that you won’t easily forget.


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