Negotiating After Getting a Job Offer

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Every time you get a job offer, an expert negotiator is working hard to pay you thousands of dollars less than they have to.

This short, 9,000-word book is about leveling the playing field and helping you navigate this process in the best possible way. Most workers only have a handful of job negotiations over their careers, but HUGE amounts of money are at stake. You want to get it right.

This book gets right to the point and can be read in under an hour.

“I think this is great. Your prose is always entertaining to read. I think you’ve covered 99% of what I would tell people.” – Catherine Holloway (software developer with 9 years of experience)

“This would have been a useful book for me 4 months ago.” – L.D. (senior software engineer with 10 years of FAAMG experience)

“This was an awesome read. I run a coding bootcamp, and these tips will be super helpful for my students once they start talking to recruiters.” – Vithushan Namasivayasivam


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