Nadia’s Tears


How far would you go to save someone you love?

While learning to use her Dream Shaper Gift, Jillian Blairington met a sister named Nadia who has the power to speak inside one’s mind. Jillian’s grown rather fond of her.

Now, she’s gone silent.

Jillian turns to her friend, Danielle Matheson, and together they hatch a crazy plan to get Jillian to Nadia’s side so she can awaken her from the coma.

Meanwhile, Danielle tries to keep a friend out of trouble with human traffickers.

If Jillian can’t solve the mystery of Nadia’s coma quickly, she may lose both her sister and her friend.


This is Book 2 in the Devya’s Children series. It should be experienced after hearing Ashlynn’s Dreams.


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